Recent Make – Dinosaur bunting and cushion

Once again I have neglected the craft side of the blog!….I seem to post so much on Instagram that I never really feel the need to blog about what I’ve been making, but I’ve just finished this project which was a present for my nephew who turned one last week. The idea was to create some bunting for his room that wasn’t too ‘baby-ish’ and something that would last for a while!

I’d already made a dinosaur scrabble picture frame for him so decided to continue with the theme, the bunting was made using the two green printed cottons and the plain green then joined together with the dark grey bias binding in a similar colour to the letters used for the name. Then I put two flags either side of the name with the dinosaur shape that I’d used before for card making.


Ezra was also getting a new chair for his room too so with some of the printed fabric left I made a matching dino cushion!

You can find similar style items in my Etsy shop or please feel free to send me a message or comment on this post if you would like me to make you something customised!




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