Preview: Glastonbury Festival – Exploring away from the music


If you didn’t know already there is more to Glastonbury Festival than the Pyramid stage… in fact there’s a whole lot more to Glastonbury than just music! I’ve found in previous years that sometimes the best moments at the festival happen when you stumble upon something going on in one of the fields that isn’t home to the big stages. If the weather is doing what it usually does (i.e raining) I always find the cinema tent a good place to hide/dry off before your next soaking! If the sun is out (which does happen sometimes over the weekend) it’s fun just wandering around all the fields, especially if you’re up and about early before the main stages kick things off. Here’s a few areas that might be worth checking out if you’re happy not to park yourself at the Pyramid 😉

This year sees a return to Green Fields of the Green Crafts village, the Irish company organises craft villages at events and festivals and in 2016 they provided festival goers with the chance to try their hands at making and creating souvenirs to take home. Green fields is also home to the Green Kids area which allows children to take part in arts and craft activities such as the making stick men workshop and pottery lessons. They can also get their face painted, participate in gymnastics or try their hand at DJ-ing. Oh and the Green Kids area also plays host to the Cat in the Hat café which is kid friendly…but open to all ages!

photo from Glastonbury website
photo from Glastonbury website

Another area perfect for the little ones (or those young at heart) at Glastonbury is the colourful Kidz Field, now in its 23rd year at the festival it always features a host of popular children’s entertainers and famous faces in the big top – Dynamo and Basil Brush popped up here last year no less. Oh and of course there are rides for the little (or big) kids amongst us including the swing-boats, chair-o-planes and a helter skelter. The Kidz Field along with Green Kids also provides craft activities for those arty types! – just make sure you explore this area when you have a long break in your band viewing schedule because once you’re in there you probably will not want to leave!

The theatre and circus fields also provide an alternative Glastonbury experience, from family friendly shows during the day to late nights at the mavericks club the three fields are never short of entertainment. From burlesque to tight rope walkers to poetry to Brian Cox…there really is a little bit of everything going on here!

photo from Glastonbury website

Finally, well not finally as there are so many other areas of Glastonbury I haven’t covered here, head over to the Unfairground for as they describe it: “a modern satirical take on travelling amusements” – the area houses classic fairground rides mixed with music performances and bizarre attractions!  read more about them here.

Oh and if you are up at the Park stage don’t forget to take a trip down the rabbit hole!…



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