Drake – Boy Meets World Tour @ The O2

img_1922It’s been a bit of a quiet time for me on the gig front for the past few months, with absolutely none at all in January…a very rare occurrence! So when I was offered the chance to see Drake (on Valentines Day of all days) I was more than ready to end my live music drought…if you know anything about my little (big) obsession with the Toronto man this was quite a big deal.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it in posts before but the O2 is a bit hit and miss for me when it comes to concerts, the humongous aircraft hanger-like arena doesn’t always seem to work – especially for bands/solo artists without a huge theatrical production with them to fill the space. Despite being mostly alone on stage (his DJ, drummer and keyboardist barely visible in the dry ice) Drake somehow manages to make the 20,000 or so people in the audience feel like they were attending a much more intimate gig, I lost count of how many times he declared his love for London/the UK and made sure everyone knew they’d made the right decision spending Valentines night with him…the man is a charmer. The set was jam-packed with almost 40 songs including Hotline Bling, of course, and there was a ‘hits medley’ in the middle feat. snippets of 6 God and Worst Behavior.

Light spheres/balloons suspended from the ceiling waved up and down, changing colour throughout the set and were mesmerizing, almost like a giant installation piece. Then on the second stage in the middle of the crowd a huge inflatable moon/planet pops up and provides a pretty impressive backdrop for the last few songs, I’d seen a few photos of this from other dates on the tour and was waiting for it all night! Throw in some real flames and a couple of fireworks here and there and there is no question Drake can keep a massive audience enthralled for 90 minutes with minimal gimmicks.




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