Bühler and Co – Walthamstow

Not having a permanent base in London for the last couple of months (it’s a long story!) has meant that I’ve been hanging out in a few different areas while I’ve been staying with whoever will have me…that’s mostly been in Walthamstow with my friend Steph and it’s meant I’ve had the chance to try out a few of the local brunch spots. So on a sunny Saturday morning we decided to check out Bühler and Co on Chingford Road, the little cafe tempted us in with the mention of cinnamon buns on the board outside, however resisting these (this time) we chose to go for the baked eggs (me) and the quinoa cakes (Steph). The eggs were combined with spinach, chick peas, feta and sun-dried tomatoes and were delicious. Everything else on the menu sounded amazing too, especially the french toast with peaches and mascarpone (definitely trying that next time). There’s a really lovely garden area at the back of the cafe too which was the perfect little sun trap and there’s also a little summer house style/covered bit in the garden which would be perfect for a birthday gathering or something along those lines! Oh and to be honest I didn’t even realise this was a veggie/vegan eatery until reading up on it after…for any meat lovers (like myself) there are too many yummy alternatives on the menu here for you to miss it!




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