Old Blue Last Festival – Shoreditch Park


An afternoon of top bands in a sun-drenched Shoreditch Park for a mere £5, well what’s not to love about that? Last Saturday a few of us headed down for the mini festival put on by Great Eastern Street pub/venue The Old Blue Last. The mini site in one corner of the park meant anyone without a ticket could also hear the music as they lazed about on the grass outside…although you had to enter the site if you actually wanted to see the stage. We got there too late for the first couple of acts but listened to the awesome Johnny Lloyd with an ice lolly and beer in hand (us, not him) whilst trying not to fry in the heat. Having been a big fan of his previous band (Tribes) I can’t wait to hear more of his solo stuff!

After trying a Pimms Cider Cup from the bar – which may have cost more than the ticket price but was obviously needed to cool us down in the 29 degree heat – we sat down on the grass (again) and watched South Londoners Happyness , I’ve seen them before at a festival in Amsterdam but couldn’t remember much about them. Their lo-fi, slacker sounds provide a chilled out vibe ideal for the afternoons heat. Next up it was time to actually stand up and watch a band, because there is no way you can not dance around to Spector. I’m slightly bias with these guys seeing as I’ve watched them more times than I can remember…now with two awesome albums including last years ‘Moth Boys’ under their belts they have so many sing-along anthems they probably could have played well into the night, but alas there was a 9pm curfew and one more band to squeeze in.

Swim Deep rounded off the days events as the sun finally went down, their hazy, spaced-out sounds are perfect for soothing our sun-burnt selves, especially one of my faves ‘She Changes The Weather’. Swim Deep have changed their direction slightly with their second album and it doesn’t always translate as well live as their first did in my opinion, hopefully this is something that can be honed. As they finish with the brilliant ‘King City’ it’s fair to say it was a fiver very well spent and hopefully this will become an annual event for The Old Blue Last!



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