Field Day Festival

After a quick trip to buy an emergency pair of wellies on Sunday I made a last minute visit to a very muddy Victoria Park for Field Day. The festival which takes place on Saturday and Sunday always has an impressive line-up of established acts and new artists. This year the headliners were James Blake (Saturday) and PJ Harvey (Sunday). My highlights of Sunday were (a very entertaining) Adam Green, Johnny Lloyd, Blossoms and Mystery Jets. I’ve probably seen Mystery Jets more times than any other band – well definitely more than most anyway! – and they are always such a good festival band. We had a little dance at their DJ set inside the ‘Jagerhaus’ in the evening too. Sometimes the sound quality at Field Day can be a bit questionable and this year was no exception, luckily it didn’t dampen the spirit too much though. And despite the Glastonbury-esque mud in some places the sun even managed to stay out for most of the afternoon!

Here’s a few pics from Sunday!

Gill x


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