Columbia Road & City Farm

On Sunday I met my friend and headed down to Columbia Road to take a wander through the famous flower market, the amazing weather at the weekend meant we weren’t the only ones with that idea and the road was packed full meaning a slow shuffle through the market was all we could manage!…we arrived quite late, at about 2pm, so maybe it’s better to head there for when it opens as it might be slightly less busy!



Making the most of the sunshine we then wandered off and stumbled upon Hackney City Farm, I’d been to the Kentish Town before but not Hackney so we decided to pop in for a little look! Even though it’s a great idea – especially for local children I have to say I thought the Kentish Town is a little bit better!





After all that walking about we stopped to refuel at Long White Cloud in Hoxton, where I had an AMAZING halloumi salad while my friend tucked into their all day breakie. Have a look at the cafe’s website as not only do they serve food but they also act as a gallery space too.



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