The Weeks @ The Windmill, Brixton

The Weeks have been over touring in the UK during January and I got to see them at The Garage a couple of weeks ago, the band from Mississippi have posted on Twitter at the weekend that they’d decided to play one last small gig before they headed back to the US. So as promised that’s what they did on Monday night when they arranged a last minute headline slot at the Windmill in Brixton, the band have been staying in the area during their time in the UK and seem to have taken a shine to it judging by their Twitter and Instagram posts! referring to it as their “home away from home”.

Myself and Steph headed down to the gig to see them play a set full of songs from their two albums and asked the crowd to tell them what they wanted to play, it was a similar setlist at The Garage, which you can see on my Instagram here! and the new songs I heard at that gig and on Monday night were awesome, especially one called ‘Mercury’. Probably (definitely) under the influence of some liquor before they took to the stage the band got given tequila shots during the gig. What I love about The Weeks is how much fun they have on stage together and at the Windmill the atmosphere was great, it’s the perfect ‘sweaty pub’ type venue for this kind of rowdy gig, with low ceilings and the stage squished in at the back. The first time I saw The Weeks was when they supported Kings of Leon at the O2 and they made me fall in love with them instantly, even though they have they’re own sound if you are a KOL fan or if you’re a fan of music dripping in Southern charm then y’all should check out The Weeks when they’re next in town!  Here’s some photos from The Windmill (featuring a crowdsurfing bassist)






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