One of the best burgers I’ve ever had, honest.

honestWhat better way to spend a mid-week day off work than by making a list of the top places to find a good burger in London, whittling it down to one and going to eat at said burger joint?…well that’s what I did with my friend Charlotte yesterday, so after a little wander around Brick Lane, we went along to the Honest Burger near Liverpool Street.

So what was it like?….well the heading of this post probably gave that away slightly, but yep, it honestly was one of the yummiest burgers, I went for the Honest (when in Rome) while Charlotte went for the Special…(here she is modelling some of the other toppings.)

charlotteThe beef is supplied by butchers The Ginger Pig and even though the toppings are delicious it’s the meat that’s the winner here…as it should be! It’s also worth mentioning the AMAZING rosemary salt chips which come with all the burgers. Of course now we have to try out all the other ones on the list!


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