Haunted House Party @ Bethnal Green working mens club


Ah Halloween, it’s the perfect excuse for fancy dress and I love it. This year we went to Bethnal Green Working Mens Club ‘Haunted House Party’. I went to this place for my birthday last year and had an awesome time so knew it wouldn’t disappoint. On Friday they opened up some ‘hidden’ unused rooms downstairs to add to the spookiness, there were live stage performers doing all sorts of weird and creepy things and a brain eating contest…mmm lovely.

Myself and Steph went as the twins from The Shining (in case you hadn’t guessed)…amazing what a cheap dress from Wood Green shopping centre and a bit of make up can do 😉
There was some fun games to play like ring a limb and a table full of fancy dress bits and pieces and make up just in case anyone needed to add a few bits to their costumes!
We’re not sure what was in the ‘red witches’ drinks but they were suitably lethal. All in all it was lots of fun and there’s always plenty of weird and wonderful themed nights at BGWMC so it’s definitely worth checking out what they’ve got going on!

P.S Thanks to Rebecca Steel for most of the photos!








Thelma and Louise…and a lurking Skeleton – Tori Jordans photo



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