Boyband Big Reunion tour… A trip down memory lane

This past week I’ve been caught up in a little bit of a nineties (and early noughties) whirlwind. If like me you’ve watched ITV’s series Big Reunion this year and last year then you’ll know that some of our adolescent boyband and girlband favourites reformed for the documentary and for some live shows. Last year I went to the first Big Reunion concert where I got to see the likes of Atomic Kitten, B*Witched and 5ive. So when it was announced just the boybands from series one and two would be joining forces for a tour, naturally I could barely contain my excitement.

I always go to these sort of things with my friend Hayley, although we met at a Fightstar gig (don’t ask) we soon realised we had a shared love of all things 90s, particularly boybands. After one trip to Brighton to see Steps a couple of years ago we soon realised Brighton loves pop and popstars love Brighton so it’s always the first place we decide to go when anything like this comes up….more on Brighton later.


We do

Although we already had Brighton booked we were lucky enough to be offered tickets for the London date of the tour at the O2 last weekend, and well lets be honest, we were never gonna turn that kind of offer down. So we excitedly headed to Greenwich on Saturday night to see A1, 911, 3T, 5ive, Blue, Damage and 5th Story – in case you didn’t know 5th Story are the pop ‘supergroup’ consisting of Dane Bowers, Kavana, Adam Rickett, Gareth Gates and Kenzie – oh yes. We were lucky enough to have amazing seats right at the side of the stage and we loved every second!…5ive were always my favourite out of all the boybands and they did a great job of proving they are just as good with only three of them still on board, When The Lights Go Out is still one of my favourite songs!

Gotta say I also loved 5th Story doing  a version of Blazin’ Squads Crossroads…I definitely didn’t think I’d ever see that performed at the O2, Blue’s rendition of Breathe Easy sounded amazing, I’d forgotten that they can actually sing really rather well and 911’s Bodyshakin’ is always guaranteed to get the crowd going!

After the concert we headed to the Damage aftershow at the Brooklyn Bowl venue also in the O2. We basically spent the next few hours get hanging out with several of the boyband members along with some other celebs…Keith Lemon and some guy who used to be in Hollyoaks no less, oh yeah and Emma Bunton was there too, AN ACTUAL SPICE GIRL. Nicest guys of the night award has to go to 3T who spent ages chatting to us about fish n’chips, bowling and other things we can’t remember cos we were too busy fangirling over them, we met actual members of the JACKSON family.


The nicest men in pop


Ain’t no party…

We also had a little chat with Bradley from S Club who had stepped in for Simon from Blue for the O2 concert and took some selfies with Duncan James, as you do.


So after four days back in reality we headed to a rainy Brighton for round 2 of our pop adventure, where our friends Charlotte and Emily also joined us. The Brighton Centre – although much smaller had an even better atmosphere than the O2 on Thrusday night – especially impressive was the reaction 3T got from the crowd, everybody adored them! Going to pop concerts in Brighton is always fun as there always seems to be such a good atmosphere and it’s like a little mini holiday for us Londoners.

emily char

Charlotte & Emily showing whose team they’re on



Charlotte’s photo of the 5ive boys!


We headed to Shooshh club on the seafront to carry on the party…some of the boyband-ers also headed there too – Lee Ryan seemingly the most recognisable amongst the students of Brighton, my only dissapointment being I didn’t get the chance to add a Kenzie photo to the collection…next time. The night ended for us with a 2am trip to Brighton’s ‘only 24 hour restaurant’ Buddies. (probably best not to ask)…

I love that we can go and spend a couple of hours watching all the popstars from our school days, I don’t think as a 12-year-old in the crowd at Smash Hits Poll Winners Party I ever thought I’d get to relive the excitement as an adult, but that’s most definitely what’s happened thanks to the Big Reunion!






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