Whinnie Williams EP launch…cocktails, lollipops and a launderette


A few weeks ago I went to a party in an East London pie shop, this week it was the turn of a West London launderette, yep, a launderette.

Singer/Songwriter Whinnie Williams (or the artist previously known as Sunday Girl) chose the quirky location of My Beautiful Launderette on Talbot Road near Notting Hill as the venue for the launch of her ‘Bad Girls’ EP.

So after navigating our way from Notting Hill Gate station (and getting ever so slightly lost) we arrived at the launderette, luckily the glow of the neon pink lighting made it pretty impossible to miss. Inside we were offered complimentary cocktails courtesy of Don Julio Tequila, and cute heart shaped lollipops were perched on top of the machines for people to help themselves to, oh and a tower of giant ‘POP’ washing powders too.


If you don’t know much about Whinnie Williams well you probably will soon…her 60’s Parisian influence and sugary sweet vocals on songs ‘Oopsie Daisy’ and ‘Break Hearts in Your Sleep’ are effortlessly charming, oh and just to add to the tweeness she sings with her beloved dog Brian tucked under her arm…CUUUTE.

Accompanied by an acoustic guitarist Williams also perfromed the day-dreamy ‘You Don’t Love Me’ and ‘Stupid Things’ from the EP. If you’re a fan of 60’s melodies and old fashioned crooning then check her out.



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