Pizza and Cocktails @ Earlham Street Clubhouse

The Earlham Street Clubhouse in Covent Garden may sound like a posh members bar but don’t let the name fool you…it’s way better than that, the 90’s themed pizza and cocktail bar where all the food and drinks on the menu reference iconic movies from your childhood…Cool Runnings, Sweet Valley High and Keep The Change are some of the cocktails to be found here….some of them even come in the classic American red cup so you can pretend you’re hanging out at Stifler’s house. We chose the Ace Ventura, it was so good we HAD to get two.



You can either get a 12″ pizza or an 20″ one…great for sharing, there’s also a ‘Ross and Rachel’ (of course) pizza where you can choose to have half and half of any of the pizzas on the menu. We went for a Happy Gilmore and a Vincent Vega, both yum!


Inside it’s like an American beach bar, there’s burger phones….who didn’t want one of those in the 90’s? gas pumps that serve you beer, a cupboard you can graffiti on…oh and a juke box where you can use the Secret DJ App, which might explain why we heard Will Smith one minute and Jamie T the next…This is a great place for an after work pizza and cocktail as well as being a good venue for a birthday party if you book out one of the booths at the back!



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