The Horrors @ The Troxy

I first saw The Horrors in 2006 (I think) it was around that time anyway, back then they were pretty much goth caricatures not adverse to smearing some black shoe polish on your face if you found yourself anywhere near the front…yes that happened. Nobody thought they would have any longevity but they proved everybody wrong and are now onto their fourth record with ‘Luminous’. On Saturday night the band rounded off their UK tour at the Troxy in Limehouse, the venue was already pretty busy when I arrived during support band Telegram and I managed to catch the last little bit of their set and they sounded ace, I keep managing to only catch snippets of them at festivals so I really need to commit to seeing a whole gig soon!



The last couple of times I’ve seen The Horrors recently it’s been at festivals (Glastonbury, Field Day…) and although they always sound great, personally I much prefer them in a dark, atmospheric setting with strobes and smoke machines as it really adds to the overall show. On Saturday night the lighting was perfect, especially the awesome green strobes which I tried to capture in the pic above. ‘Sea Within A Sea’ always sounds epic live as does the 8 minute or so long ‘Moving Further Away’ and ‘Luminous’ track ‘Change Your Mind’ has a slightly more soulful, heartfelt touch to it. I’ve been to the Troxy on a couple of other occasions and love it as a venue, sometimes the sound can be slightly quieter than some other venues but as a whole it’s has a really special atmosphere. Super Saturday night 😀



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