Mystery Jets @ Hoxton Docks for the Converse ‘Sneakers Would’ campaign

The other night I went along to a secret Mystery Jets gig at Hoxton Docks as part of the Converse Sneakers Would campaign which gives fans the chance to sign up to an online community where they can gain access to free last minute secret gigs as well as lots more exciting stuff! Although I had to get the glamorous London overground to Haggerston (thanks to the day job commitments) fans were picked up from Old St on the ‘Get In and Go’ bus then whisked off to a canal boat to take them to the docks, free pizza and drinks were dished out on the boat…all very exciting!

When we arrived at the location we were invited to enjoy a free bar (always welcome) before Mystery Jets took to the stage, the band played a short set of some old favourites – ‘Two Doors Down’ and ‘Flakes’ saw pretty much everybody in the room singing along – they also previewed a couple of new tracks from the next album, which I personally can’t wait for!


After the gig it was back on the bus and onto an after party in a pie shop….yes a pie shop, pretty sure this would only happen in East London. There were more free drinks and lots of dancing thanks to DJ sets from Bicep and Greco Roman and I stayed out much later than I was supposed to…ooops.

So not only do Converse keep our feet happy they also throw an awesome party!

You can sign up to ‘the ticket’ here!


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