A sunny Sunday in London

We had a lovely chilled out Sunday today, and the sun even came out which means the day can’t be wasted sat indoors!

It’s pretty unusual for us both to have a day of no plans, so we made the most of it by having a wander down to see the art installation ‘Tower of London Remembers’ to see the poppies which mark the 100th anniversary of Britain’s involvement in the First World War. It’s a poignant way of raising awareness for Remembrance Day, and all those who have fought for our country over the years. IMG_4916It began some weeks ago with just a few poppies, and is an evolving piece of art to be finished on Remembrance Day November 11th 2014. You will also have the opportunity to buy one of the ceramic poppies once the installation is over, raising millions of pounds to be donated to 6 service charities. If you haven’t already you should definitely try to get down to there while you can, it really is worth seeing. IMG_4911


Whilst we were down at the river we had a little wander around to Tower Bridge and St Katherines docks to see the Queens boat 😉 Alas she wasn’t aboard to say hello, so we just had a mooch then wandered over to Bodeans for some much needed food which is always a winner – for me the best pulled pork and beef brisket I’m yet to find!! Yum!!!!



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