MOTHXR @ Boston music rooms

When I first heard Dan from Gossip Girl was in a band and they were playing in North London I knew that unless Chuck Bass announced he was also playing London the same night (I could never choose which of those I preferred) that I would be going to see them. So on Wednesday night that’s what we did. (FYI Chuck, AKA Ed Westwick was actually once in a band too…)

MOTHXR – formerly known as MOTHER, not so easy for Googling – played at the Boston music rooms in Tufnell Park, a gritty, working men’s club type venue attached to the side of the Boston Arms pub.

Of course the majority of the audience was made up of teenage girls (some older ones too…i.e, us) all eagerly awaiting the chance to catch a glimpse of Penn. I have to admit I was heading to the gig thinking I wouldn’t be that impressed with MOTHXR, having heard a couple of tracks online I wasn’t put off but neither was I immediately bowled over, I knew I’d enjoy looking at Mr Badgley on stage though so it was always a win win situation. So I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they’re actually pretty good and Penn Badgley can sing rather well, I did have to look away a few times and just listen to the music, man, because the theatrical performance he delivers on stage can be VERY distracting. The single ‘Easy’ and the smooth and sultry ‘Centrefold’ are definitely worth a listen, they made me want to hear more of them which can only be a good sign!


As they leave the stage Penn says “we’ll be around all night” and as promised he stayed chatting to fans and signing posters, and well, it would have been rude of us not to say hi…So thanks for the selfie Penn and until next time XOXO…


Oh and if you want to take a listen here’s the video for their latest release ‘Easy’


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