‘On Blackheath’ Festival

On Sunday I said goodbye to festival season in a very civilised manner at On Blackheath festival, in, yep, you guessed it Blackheath. A newbie on the festival calendar On Blackheath took place on Saturday and Sunday and was a combination of music and food…a pretty good start already.Ā I went along on Sunday, Frank Turner was headlining, but we’ll skip over that as I’m not a fan! There were fortunately a few bands we did want to see though so after being spoilt in the John Lewis VIP area with free tea and cakes (I know, terribly middle class) we reluctantly left the comfort of our deckchairs to watch Slow Club on the main stage. They were the main draw on the line-up for me and they didn’t disappoint, I first saw these guys when they were touring their first album and have loved them ever since, but have somehow managed to miss their other festival appearances this summer so it was great to finally see them again. The new album ‘Complete Surrender’ is superb and singer Rebecca Taylor’s voice sounds more impressive each time. She’s also extremely funny which makes her even more ace! It was a shame The Wytches were playing on the other stage at the same time as I’ve seen them a few times and they’re really good, especially if you’re into grungier stuff, the young band are similar to Drenge and also put on a great performance.


Just a giant peach


After more tea, and more free cake (did I mention free cake?) we watched Athlete (remember them?!) not really my favourites but no one can help singing along to their biggest hit ‘Wires’ can they?…

Although we probably could have survived on free food and drinks all day we decided to sample some of the other delights on offer to us…well it was also a food festival after all. We chose wisely with the duck wrap and duck fat chips (SO yum) oh and we had to sample the strawberry/marshmallow/chocolate dessert pots of course. On Blackheath was great for food lovers and music lovers alike and had a really chilled out feel, it’s a great festival for families and I’ll be interested to see what they do next year!


Little pot of heaven


Slow Club on the main stage


Thanks John Lewis!









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