Unbleached Sessions – Cribs/Rale @ The Garage

Over the last couple of months Zig Zag rolling papers and Spotify have put on the Unbleached Session to champion undiscovered musicians, six unsigned acts battled it out to win the chance to support Mystery Jets a few weeks ago and on Thursday one lucky band (RALE) won the chance to be the support act for The Cribs at the Garage. I didn’t get there in time to catch them on Thursday night but I did see them at the Mystery Jets gig and the Londoners were definitely deserved winners! Their sound is tinged with 80’s post-punk with some instantly catchy tunes…check ’em out!

Ahh, The Cribs, they have been one of my favourite bands for almost 10 years and Thursday’s gig was extra special as they played a set list chosen by the fans who had entered the ballot to win free tickets to the gig, for a band with a back catalogue as big as The Cribs they could have played for double the time and we still wouldn’t have heard all the songs we wanted to, but the ones they did play meant there was some serious reminiscing going on! ‘Come On Be A No-One’, ‘Girls Like Mystery’ and the always awesome sing-along ‘Be Safe’ were probably my favourites, pretty hard to choose with an amazing set list like this though!

cribs setlist2

I go and see a lot of bands (in case you hadn’t guessed!) but there’s a only a short list of ones that I have consistently loved and The Cribs are one of them! I’ve also met a lot of people because of them and it’s always nice to catch up with some familiar faces at their gigs.




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