Thrifty Sunday – Pimlico carboot

I’m always fighting the never ending battle of having too much stuff and not enough space to put all that stuff (especially living in the shoebox of a flat that I currently do) so along with my sister I decided to try out selling some of it at one of Londons carboots, one mans trash is another mans treasure and all that.

Pimlico Capital carboot takes place every Sunday, all year round, it’s one of London’s most well known ones thanks to its central location, you can either pay for a car spot or a space outside or inside the building. People sell everything, from records, to china to childrens toys, and of course clothes! and there are plenty of bargains to be found, in fact my sister picked up a sheepskin coat for £7, not bad considering how much they sell for in vintage boutiques.

We noticed that jewellery sold well and there’s always people asking for electrical items. I also put a box of my handmade cards on the table and they seemed to be popular too! We found it best not to price everything up beforehand, that way you can make offers for people or they can suggest a price to you…expect some haggling to take place!

So how did we do selling? well we didn’t sell everything but we did manage to make a nice little profit and it was actually a really fun day!








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