2 gigs, 1 night – Drenge @ The Shacklewell Arms and LSA @ Total Refreshment Centre

Ah, two bands you want to see are playing on the same night just a mere 5 minutes walk apart, what do you do? well if you’re like me you try to go see them both of course but unfortunately that plan back-fired slightly when the bands both announced the same stage time, doh. So I made my choice…Steph had less of a difficult decision so we went our separate ways down Stokie high street…

I (Gill) headed off to the Shacklewell Arms to see Drenge play their last London gig for a while after a mammoth 18 months of touring while Steph popped into Total Refreshment Centre to see LSA. I reeeeeeeeeally wanted to see LSA as well but having wrote about and seen Drenge about 50 million times I knew the Shacklewell Arms gig would be a little bit special, and I wasn’t disappointed, a mosh was forming before they’d even finished the first song, it was also possibly the hottest place on earth…check out the condensation picture if you don’t believe me. I adore Drenge and can’t wait to see what they come back as a follow up to the last album.


Meanwhile at Total Refreshment Centre it was almost as hot but a little more civilised and much less moshing! Some great support from Sun Machine and Groves which is always an added bonus, then onto LSA to launch their new single Can’t Be Trusted out on the 1st Sept. These guys have already gotten so much better in the last year of me seeing them, they’re a great live band and definitely ones to watch – you should check them out next time they’re playing in a venue near you!



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