Science Museum Lates

Always eager to do anything in London that has the word free associated with it last night we headed across town to the Science Museum for their late night opening for adults (which takes place on the last Wednesday of every month) Each month a different theme is explored and this time it was all about hedonism – sex, drugs & music…pure coincidence we chose this theme, honest! and it was clearly a popular one judging by the swarms of people there!

Once inside it was a tough decision where to head as there were so many activities going on, maybe even too many for the 3 hours you spend inside. Although the entry is free some of the things such as the flight simulators and the gameshow have to be booked and paid for, so we stuck with the free things, unfortunately a power cut scuppered our chance to experience the sensory speed dating, where you sniff peoples t-shirts to see if you are drawn to a suitable match (damn)…So instead we found ourselves taking part in a ‘democratic dance floor’ experiement for BBC Science where the crowd determined the biggest dance floor filler. We also listened to a talk about the sex lifes of us Brits (v. insightful!) and took part in a fun ‘hooked on music’ quiz. There’s also a silent disco every week…oh and of course there’s plenty of bars to grab a drink from! So if you want to learn something, try your hand at some science-y experiments or just party inside a museum then check out the programme of events on their website!


The buzzing main hall!


Hmm, which city to choose…


A glowstick, a cider and a dance experiment, better than an average Wednesday


A demographic dance floor apparently


The DJ’s making sure everyone has a little dance before leaving


Free science fun makes us this happy!



2 thoughts on “Science Museum Lates

  1. Emily Hunt says:

    I wish I knew about this night! Me and my boyfriend (both in our 20’s) moved to london a few weeks ago and with little knowledge on the city ended up in the science museum on our first weekend in London.. I was fighting off 5 year olds to play with a bubble machine! Looks like you had fun xo

    • Gillian Fish says:

      Hi Emily! ah haha, yeah would definitely recommend going to one of the late night ones! 🙂 They do some at the others too like the Natural history museum and the V&A, hope you guys have fun here! x

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