Bands, Pimms and other things



afterlight (11)


Muse @ Horse guards parade


Wolf Alice @ The Lexington


is tropical

I have been lucky enough to find myself at some awesome gigs and mini festivals over the last couple of weeks, a few of the highlights included Bushstock festival in Shepherds Bush which I reviewed here, it was a good day and any festival that has a Pimms bar is always a winner. How posh.

The day after Bushstock I went to watch Muse at Horse Guards Parade where they were playing as part of the World War Z film premiere, despite not being a massive Muse fan, it turned out to be a great place to hold a gig and was very atmospheric.

Last week I saw the wonderful Wolf Alice in Islington, Ellie from the band has the sweetest voice and the fact their guitars decided to give up on them for a good 20 minutes at the start only made them more endearing, if you hadn’t guessed I’m slightly obsessed with them at the moment.

Then last night it was off to the White Heat/Cheap Mondays Backyard Sessions gig at London Fields Brewery where Is Tropical were playing….I wasn’t really sure what to expect but it was organised excellently and Is Tropical’s summery anthems meant they were the perfect band for the night….Oh yeah and there was free beer and cider for everyone attending as well a voucher for money off at Cheap Mondays, not a bad Friday.


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