I want to live on Cape Cod

Some cards and other bits and pieces I have been making have been inspired by photo’s and memories from America. It’s made me think about this place…..

Perhaps being English it’s not so surprising out of the 40-something States I visited during my travels of America, it was New England that had a lasting impression on me. Ever since 2009 I’ve dreamt of living on Cape Cod….

Cape Cod itself is beautiful, and I spent my time there wishing I could be one of the many artists that line the streets and coastline of Provincetown, but its the little island of Martha’s Vineyard off the South Coast of Cape Cod that remains one of the most amazing, surreal places I have ever seen.
In the town of Oak Bluffs in an area called The Campground you can find the ‘Gingerbread Cottages’….cute little wooden houses built around a church in the early 19th century (there is a lot of history about this that I won’t bore you with)

Until you are standing in the middle of the ‘The Campground’ it is hard to imagine these actually being real houses, that real people live in, they are like something out of a fairytale. Decorated in hearts, painted in every colour of the rainbow and proudly waving the stars and stripes.

I didn’t know this when I was there but I have since discovered the English explorer who first landed on Cape Cod in the 1600’s named Martha’s Vineyard after his daughter Martha, who was christened in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.
Perhaps being from Suffolk myself has something to do with my obsession with this place….


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